Translators in Physical Therapy Appointments

Physical therapy treatments can be highly effective in helping patients recover from injuries, but how can they fully benefit if they don’t understand what their therapists are saying? That’s where translators and interpreters come in. UNUHE provides an effective medium of communication between the therapist and patient that doesn’t rely on physical actions alone. In this article, we examine the importance of translators and interpreters in physical therapy appointments and how the communities from Burma can benefit from having a professional translator onsite.

Need for translators in physical therapy appointments

Physical therapy appointments are rapidly growing. Did you know that 48 percent of Asian Americans required an interpreter or translator for medical or health reasons. Comparatively to other Asian communities, the Karen, Karenni, Chin, and Burmese communities are new to the United States. The importance of having a certified translator or interpreter is extremely important.

Years of experience translating in the medical industry

With years of experience working with Karen, Karenni and Burmese-speaking communities, as well as experience translating for physical therapy, our agency can help both you and your clients communicate easily. We can effectively translate documents or interpret conversations between the communities of Burma and their doctors. 

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