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Are you in need of a Karen translator? Our native speakers have years of linguistic experience in a number of industries. We specialize in parent/teacher conferences, medical appointments, court appointments, religious events and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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There are many different languages in the world. Therefore this makes it difficult to have conversations with those who do not speak your language. If you’re looking for a Karen translator, you’ve come to the right place. UNUHE provides translation services in Karen, Karenni, Burmese, Chin, and more. In addition our translators are native speakers. They have the ability to read and write fluently in their own language.


Our staff have years of experience. We have worked in many industries. For instance, our interpreters have worked in the medical, legal, professional, and education fields. They have translated documents, in addition to interpreting onsite. We also offer phone and video interpretation. Above all, having professional, native speakers is important to a successful assignment. Need help with the following? Contact us today.

Medical Appointments

Client Interviews


Religious Functions

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Employee Orientations

And More!

Karen Language History

The Karen language is one of several languages spoken in Myanmar. It’s considered to be related to Mon, Khmer, and Vietnamese. In the United States the Karen community is broadly spread out. For instance, large populations of the Karen community can be found in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and New York. The largest is in Minnesota where approximately 20,000 reside. In addition, populations can be found in Indiana, California, Texas, and Kansas.


The need for quality Karen translators in the United States is very high. However, finding a company with trusted resources is not easy. It is important you have an expert working for you. UNUHE was founded by a refugee from Burma and has strong connections within the community. In conclusion, translation services are vital to helping non-native speakers communicate with them.

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