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Karen Interpreter for Business UNUHE

Karen Interpreters for Business

The use of interpreters is invaluable in any business setting, particularly when it comes to communication between non-native speakers.
Karen Interpreter for Business UNUHE

The History of the Karen People and their Language

The Karen language is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Karen people and is the most widely spoken language in Myanmar after Burmese.

Karen Interpreting Services Minnesota

Looking for Karen interpreters in Minnesota? UNUHE has the experience and training to provide quality interpreting services for the Karen community.
Interpreting And Translating Languages Is Not Always Word For Word

Interpreting and translating languages is not always word for word

Interpreting and translating in a different language is not always word for word, especially if you're talking about conversations with people from different cultures.
Translation Agency Communities of Burma Karen Karenni Burmese Chin

Iowa’s Burmese Interpreters and Translators – Bridging the Language Gap

Burmese interpreters are in high demand in Iowa. As the Burmese community continues to grow, more and more businesses find it necessary to hire interpreters to help them communicate with their new customers.
The Importance of Translators in Physical Therapy Appointments karen translators unuhe

The Importance of Translators in Physical Therapy Appointments

Physical therapy treatments can be highly effective in helping patients recover from injuries, but how can they fully benefit if they don’t understand what their therapists are saying?
Karen Medical Translators in Iowa

Karen Medical Translators and Interpreters in Iowa: Making Health Care Accessible for All

How can you get medical treatment when you don’t speak the language? How can you receive proper care when you can’t communicate what’s wrong?
English to Karen Translation COVID Materials

English to Karen Translation COVID Materials

Our agency is excited to continue to partner with KFA Digital to produce some amazing promotional materials to educate the community on COVID.

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