Iowa's Burmese Interpreters and Translators - Bridging the Language Gap

As the Burmese community continues to grow in Iowa, more and more businesses find it necessary to hire interpreters to help them communicate with their new customers. Iowa's Burmese Interpreters and Translators bridge the language gap that exists between Burmese speakers and English speakers in this Midwestern state, helping make communication much easier and preventing misunderstandings. Learn more about how you can make use of these professional translators and interpreters here in Iowa today!

Cultural context for interpreting services

Cultural context is essential in an interpretation session. It’s helpful to understand where they’re coming from, which will help you interpret their message appropriately. Let’s take a moment to explore cultural context in an interpretation session. First of all, how do we define culture? There are many ways to look at it but we like Daniel Everett’s definition: Culture consists of patterns of behavior acquired by members of a society through social learning. These include ideas, values, language, clothing, food preferences...and so on. Culture includes what people learn from others in addition to what they learn on their own; that is why people are said to have a culture even if they were not personally involved in learning its elements.

Things to consider when hiring an interpreter

Hiring an interpreter can be a difficult, time-consuming process, so make sure you have enough time to interview candidates thoroughly. You'll need to consider a few things before hiring an interpreter, including:


1) How many interpreters do you need?

2) Who will pay for their services?

3) What type of interpreting will be required?

4) Do your interpreters speak more than one language?

5) Will you hire permanent staff or contract with freelancers?

6) Do they specialize in any particular field (such as medical interpreting)?

8 )Do they know someone who can provide additional references for review?


At UNUHE we take the guess work out of hiring an interpreter or translator. Are you looking for someone who is a native speaker or writer in Burmese, Karen, Karenni, or Chin? Contact us today and we will answer all of your questions and help you get started.

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