Chin Language Translation

Chin language translation can be tricky to do correctly, especially if you’re translating into multiple dialects. That’s where UNUHE comes in. Chin language translation services that are fast, accurate, and provided by language translation professionals who are native speakers of their dialects and years of experience in the field. 

Chin Language Translation

With a population of over one million speakers, Chin is one of eastern Myanmar’s most spoken ethnic minority languages. UNUHE specializes in Chin language translation and interpretation in its many different dialects. Not only does our staff work well with those who speak Burmese, but they are also familiar with other dialects of Chin such as Hakachin, Zomi, Falam, and Mizo.

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Chin Language History

Historically, both Burmese and Chin have been in Burma for thousands of years. The origins of Burmese people, however, are hotly contested by historians. Some say that their ancestors migrated from central Asia over 3,000 years ago and settled on a strip of land between Bangladesh and Thailand. Others say that they originated from China or India and spread to Burma as part of ancient trading routes.


The Chin people are an ethnic group primarily living in Burma, with significant populations in India and Bangladesh. The term Chin is used to refer to a number of related groups who speak various dialects of the same language, Chiang-Kai-Shek. If you are needing to translate or interpret something in their language then look no further than UNUHE Interpreting Services.

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Did you know Chin is spoken by more than 7 million people in Burma and India? We also have a large Chin population in the United States. If you need help with your translation, UNUHE is here for you. We specialize in language translation and interpretation, and we can translate English into Chin – or vice versa. Our professional translators have experience working with a wide range of Chin dialects, so we’re confident that they can provide you with a top-quality translation or interpretation service.

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