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Burmese language translation can be challenging; how do you know what word to use when there isn’t an exact equivalent in the other language? With a Burmese translator from UNUHE, you don’t have to worry about making those kinds of decisions.

Burmese Translator

If you are looking to hire Burmese translator or interpreter, turn to the professionals at UNUHE. If you need Burmese language translation or interpretation services we can help you with your needs. Just contact us today to get started on your project! We provide translation services in Burmese, Karen, Karenni, and Chin. Our translators are native speakers of these languages.


Our Burmese interpreters have years of experience interpreting in a number of environments. Below is a sample of the number of situations and experiences we have years of experience in covering.

Religious Functions

Medical Appointments


Client Interviews

Employee Orientations

Parent/Teacher Conferences

And More!

Burmese Language History

The Burmese language is an Sino-Tibetan language closely related to Chinese and written using a nearly identical script. Many historians believe that a long time ago, some of people who lived in China moved across Tibet into Burma. They brought their language with them. These people were known as Bamar which means strong men in Burmese. Over many years, they mixed with other ethnic groups living there and their language evolved into what we know today as Burmese. The Bamar are now the largest ethnic group in Burma (Myanmar). Their country was once known as Burma until it was changed to Myanmar.


Burmese is an official language of Myanmar and is spoken by over 35 million people in that country. Burmese speakers also exist in other parts of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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